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Why do I need a banner?
What a banner can do for you.

Consider your banner as a ticket to your website. Are you providing web surfers first-class travel with fine wine and five stars dinner? Or, are you simply offering crowded seat in the back with stale peanuts? Give Web Surfers something Cool and enticing to click on and increase your site traffic!

Our Banner Services

Online411, Inc. specializes in creating affordable, custom banners that are creatively attractive and encourage click thrus. Plus, turnaround production time is quick! You can order online securely and have your custom banner within 24 hours at no extra cost! Click Here to See Banner Samples

Order a banner
To receive quick banner service, use our secure online order form below and order a custom banner by credit card or personal check.
For increased hits, try an animated banner. Studies show that Animated Banners get 30-40% more click thrus over static banners!
Animated Banners are $150
Static Banners are $100
1. Fill out the form below.
2. Your banner will be designed & processed to you w/in 24 hours. * In the event that we feel we can not meet your banner needs due to graphical challenges, you will be contacted immediately.
Text for your banner.
>> Type in the EXACT text you'd like to appear on your banner. Try to keep it short, remember space on a banner is limited & cluttered banners are not effective. If you'd like different text per frame, write : Frame 1: (text) Frame 2: (text).. (Maximum 4 frames)
>> Next, describe an artistic "theme" that you'd like your banner to have. (ex. football, space, computer, nature, etc..)

Would you like your logo to be on the banner? ( Logos can be taken from your website).
 doesn't matter - whatever fits the motif
 no, I will email it to CoolClick@aol.com
Your Name:  
Your Web URL:  
Your Email Address:  
How did you find us?  
Thank You for your Banner Information.
Now you must select your banner size below. After you select a size, you will go to the secure payment form. All banners must be prepaid in order for artwork to begin.
ALL ANIMATED banners are $150 STATIC & NON-MOVING banners are $100
400 x 40 Pixel banner
Deluxe Banners (468 x 60 pixels)
This banner size is the most popular with most advertising sites such as Link Exchange, and Yahoo. banner can be animated or fixed. File size will be 10k or less.
This is a standard size banner
Original Standard Banner (400 x 40 pixels)
Banner can be animated or fixed. File size will be 10k or less.
Original Standard Animated - $150 Original Standard Static - $100
Ad Box Banner
This is a standard ad box size for some advertising sites. Usually used in a side frame for advertising. (125 x 125 pixels) Can be animated or fixed. 8-10k in file size.
125 x 125 Pixel banner
Ad Box Animated - $150 Ad Box Standard Static - $100

Don't see the size you need? Email us


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