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  The doors of opportunity
It's time to take advantage of the emerging marketplace, and Online411, Inc. is the company that can help you. We are uniquely well situated to provide simple solutions to the complexities of setting up shops on the Web.
For most common businesses with real-world products, commerce on the Web means two things: Web sites and databases. From its SSL compliant secure servers to its many years of experience with sophisticated database systems, our firm can help you get up and running on the Web. This will give you a superior advantage over the competition.

In a world where virtual businesses are increasing, people are handing out business cards with only their e-mail addresses on them. Doing business of this sort is a whole new challenge. There is much to know and a whole new protocol to understand. Our long-standing relationship with the electronic society allows us to remain informed on the newest trend and on the leading edge. Our many services are helping companies open the doors of opportunity by doing biz on the Web.

The current number of Internet users world-wide is estimated to be between 40 to 60 million with an average household income of $65,000 per year. This new medium is something no business can afford to ignore.

Every day, we help our clients master the ongoing revolution in electronic commerce. We make it our priority to inform our clients with a detailed understanding of the financial, technological, and security underlying today's e-commerce. Our Designers and Engineers work with you to deploy e-business solutions ranging from shopping carts, to complex data-driven catalogs, to integrated multi-site business-to-business commerce systems. The following are among the e-commerce features that we provide:

Secure Ordering
Site Analysis and Reporting
Secure Transactions
Interactive Registration/Forms
Auto-Mail Response Systems
Real Audio
Full Motion Video
JAVA Applications

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