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Online411 Inc. and it's wholly owned subsidiary Online411.com will be providing the following underlined goods and services for Everspring Industry.
ASP - Online411.com will be providing monthly "hosting" for all applications involved with the operation and distribution of Everspring merchandise. The applications will be hosted on a server placed in a secure bonded location that is operating 24 hours a day. Because all applications are "hosted" on a secure server, all hosted software and data are available for monitoring instantly 24hours a day at any location with Internet access. ASP will allow the following:
a.) Real time access to inventory.
b.) Order status and inputting new orders.
c.) On line inventory control.
Co-Location - If Everspring already has a server that is accessing the Internet, Online411.com can provide a safe reliable location to place the server in, as well as a highly trained staff to maintain the server.
Fulfillment House- Merchandise shipped from Everspring will be handled by Online411's fulfillment division. Fulfillment includes the following activities:
a.) Customs- Online411.com will clear Everspring's merchandise from custom
b.) Warehousing- On site storage of Everspring merchandise.
c.) Inventory control and tracking - All inventory will be accounted for and tracked by the ASP hosted software.
d.) Shipping- Everspring's merchandise can be shipped from Online411.com Fulfillment to any location in the United States using ship to and sales information provided by hosted ASP software.
Management - In order to keep track of all the multiple business activities there will be a staff in charge of managing all transactions and be able to answer any questions Everspring might have for any part of the cycle that Online411.com provides.
Accounting - Even with ASP hosted software, data needs to be entered and monitored from the point of entry to ensure accuracy. Also weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports needs to be delivered to Everspring to ensure accurate record keeping. Online411.com provides on site accounting services for Everspring, making sure that all transactions in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable match up. Online411.com will also collect payables on delinquent accounts for Everspring.

Marketing - As with all businesses, marketing and sales is necessary for proper growth and expansion. Online411.com can provide a multi-tiered channel marketing solution:
a.) Corporate Channel - Targeting large corporations and their demand for OEM products. Companies such as Homebase, Home club and various other chains.
b.) Professional Channel - Targeting security specialists, attending and promoting products at trade shows, etc.
c.) Consumer Channel - Raising consumer awareness and demand for Everspring or Everspring OEM products, using a variety of mediums from Internet web sites to radio or TV ads.

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