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What can you expect when you work with us? We work as a team with our clients and take web projects through a clear process. Our Services range from designing a new site to reengineering an existing site to hosting, developing e-business applications, data base design, capacity planning, and customized programming.
Define the project // Project Initiation
We get to know your business. We review your goals and objectives for the site, your target audience, your competitors, and other relevant information. We create a design document and preliminary schedule. The complexity of your site may require additional services during this phase, including a needs assessment, strategic plan, or functional specifications.
Conduct Client Kick-Off Meeting
Understand Your Goals and Objectives
Prepare Design Document
Create Content
Develop a road Map // Pre-Production

Procurement, installation, and configuration of systems and assets now begin. Engineers step in to develop the user interface, database diagrams, and subsets of application logic. Focus group testing occurs.

Develop Information Architecture
Prepare Comps
Create design options // Production

Alpha and Beta testing, along with quality control measures for content and functionality, are implemented. Testing and code reviews occur throughout the entire course of development.

Create Alpha (branded functional interface)
Create Beta (full implementation of content)
Evaluation and Feedback
Knowledge gained from the project is documented in order to guide future IT investments.
Review Log Files

Technical Tools
The key to using technology wisely on the web is to closely match requirements. We help you identify what your audience expects and define what it takes to meet the functional requirements of your applications. Ensemble Internet Design can help you design a platform independent web site, or help you exploit the advantages of developing on one platform for your intranet audience. We are experienced at building web sites on Unix and Windows NT, and can incorporate standard HTML, dynamic HTML, Perl scripts, JavaScript, Visual Basic Script, Java and other cutting-edge web technologies. We prefer coding in raw HTML for precision, but we are experienced with popular HTML authoring tools and can set up the appropriate infrastructure for easier maintenance by your team. If your web application requires database access, we can help you select and install a database package that meets your needs and build the web interface. We will assist you in setting up automated usage reports that track hits, trends and problems. We will also register your web page with the appropriate search engines and indexes. Some keys to web site success are download speed and error-free browsing. We optimize all graphics and test all web pages against multiple versions of popular browsers including Netscape (Versions 3.X and 4.X) and Internet Explorer (Versions 3.X and 4.X) in Windows, UNIX and MacIntosh to optimize the speed and accuracy of each site.

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